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What roofing services do you provide? We provide residential and commercial roofing services. We install roofs on new construction builds, we replace roofs, and we do roof repairs. No job is too small or too large. Do you repair roofs? Yes. We repair roofs that have been damaged by weather events, falling trees, and the … Read more

Your roof is one of the most important piece in your home for shelter and for keeping sun, rain, wind, snow, and hail out of buildings. Roofs serve another function: they provide an installation surface for important housing and building systems. Gutters collect rainwater and carry it away to downpipes for dispersal away from a … Read more

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Find us in Cork, Limerick, Tipperary and Kerry Cork on 0212063242 Limerick on 061639175 Tipperary on 0526150115 Kerry on 0664014114 W.L. Roofing Contractors We build solid, robust roofs that are carefully maintained will last for years, providing structural integrity to the homes and businesses they cover. Roofs are important for shelter and for keeping sun, ... Read more
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Liquid Rubber Ideal Roof Waterproofing for Roof Repairs Limerick Roofing Liquid Rubber installers in Limerick. Liquid rubber is the ideal application because of it is a seamless waterproof membrane that meets the ever exceeds requirements of environmental and health and safety factors in the industrial and commercial roofing industry in Ireland. Liquid Rubber can be … Read more

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Limerick Roofers Quality Roofing Repairs Roofing & Gutters Services in Limerick. WL Roofing are registered roofing contractors who have been serving our customers for over 30 years in Limerick and across Ireland. We are widely regarded as one of the top roofing contractors in Limerick, we have a reputation of being an honest, straightforward company. … Read more

Roof Repairs in Limerick

If you are thinking of adding value to your home and give it a fresh, new look and feel, one thing you can do is update your existing roof by having some of the best roofing materials available in the market today installed. However, with so many roofing materials to choose from, picking a roofing … Read more

Limerick Roofing Services, Experts in Roofing and Roof Repairs since 1979 in all area’s of Limerick. We are roofing contractors in Limerick and were established in 1979, since then we have been providing a professional roofing service in Limerick. Our company has grown and grown, we are best known for our high quality workmanship. Using ... Read more
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Limerick Roofing and Roof Repair. Roof Repairs | Flat Roof | Roof Leaks | Guttering | Fascia and Soffit | Roofing Experts Office opening hours 8am to 6pm Mon to Sat Free Quotation, No Call Out Charge Fully Insured, VAT Registered, Approved for Grant Work Roofers serving Limerick City and County providing quality roofing and … Read more

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Limerick Roofing Services Gutter Maintenance Damaged or blocked guttering can lead to more severe problems i.e. rotten rafters and damp walls. Avoid the costs of these repairs by keeping your guttering clean and in good condition all year round. We offer our Gutter Maintenance Packages which include twice yearly checks, cleaning, and repair of your ... Read more
Single Ply Roofing Systems

EPDM – Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomor EPDM is a very durable synthetic rubber, used for flat roofs and gently sloped roofs. Limerick Roofing Services. Roofing Services we work with clients all over Limerick, installing high quality EPDM roofs. These roofs are available in both black (appears like a dark grey) or white. Our experienced team … Read more